1. Full battle tag : Yojimbo#6117

2. Main T6-efficient class(es) : NS : Monk, DH. S2 Monk

3. Paragon Level of SC/Season1/HC : SC-NS ; 508 ---S2 ; 373 at time of writing

4. Which Unity Clan(s) are you interested in? TOU, Would love to get with organised active folks to clear higher GRs, share lewt, and have fun together at the same time

5. How often do you play, and what time during the day (PST)? Daily, mostly, unless traveling, 2000-0000PST

6. How do you like sharing with teammates? Always, this is the best way for us to grow together.

7. What Greater Rift Tier have you achieved in solo, and 4-p group (SC/S1/HC)? Solo monk at start of S2 GR 34, rank 174 At that time. 4-P grp, as zDPS monk, GR40 atm.

8. Your play style and role in team : am flexible and love to find different ways to play with different groups, currently am zDPS EP hybrid monk with almost 100% up time on serenity.

9. What's your personality? Pretty chilled fella, reggae is my favourite genre of music, and I love to lounge with my guitar and just jam on down time too, other than play D3.

10. How did you know about Unity? Been playing with quite a few Unity folks so far.

11. Do you meet the minimum membership requirements? After writing this, I will go hit the GRs for xp and be Para 400 by end of today! So, hopefully, yes! =D

Peace out!