<Unity> Rankings on the Greater Rift Leaderboards

<Unity> Clan members have been dominating all the categories of server-wide solo and team Leaderboards since the inception of official Diablo 3 Greater Rift ranking system. In Era 2, Unity's record rankings are below. Join Free & Pick Your $10 Bonus.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information on <Unity> Rankings, please refer to the Google Doc Spreadsheet . Cumulative list of Top 100 rankings highlights <Unity> Members pushing boundaries of the highest attainable objectives in PVE competition. These members strengthen Unity League and their home <Unity> Clans. 

The Achievements wiki page keeps a sample repository of <Unity> guild achievements, including record-setting events, innovative builds and team strategies. Full repository is available on Unity League of Clans Google Site.

Era 1 S1 Rankings

Feb 3, 2015. Season 1 concludes. Triumph of Unity is officially ranked No.1 Clan in North America Server. Congratulations everyone! Fantastic finish. Ranking summary : 1st-4P, 1st-3P, 3rd-2P, Majority of Top 20 Teams, wd-2nd, cs-6th, dh-8th, Top 10 all solo. Detailed rankings are available on unity leaderboard as well as official d3 leaderboard.

Era 1 NS Rankings

Unity's record rankings are, 1st 2-4P, 1st DH, 2nd WD, 1st WZ, 6th MK, 2ndh BB, 2nd CS.  Upon the ending of Era 1 (Feb 3, 2015), Yin and Yang Unity has secured 15 top 100 teams, with the top 4p team ranked 10th (GR59), top 3p team ranked 12th (GR 55). Triumph of Unity has multiple top 100 teams as well as top solo players.