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Class Training Week – Monk (June 14-22)    Chat channel Q&A w experts: Orion, zylog, Amphagory, FuryJovNord, James, INDIA

[Important] Update clan info on your character profile Hi all, Time for team spirit! Search for your tag at

1. Click "edit my info" on character page and follow the steps 2. Specify both Clan Tag and Clan Name in your Character Profile 3. Verify result: <Unity> Yin and Yang Unity

Detailed guide

Provide your input to Unity's Objectives and Milestones by May 28
Hi everyone, I invite you to critique our objectives and associated milestones , which provides a road map to reach Clan’s Goal. Follow this link:

Please reply with your comments or suggestions by May 28.

Celebrate anniversary week

Gang, May 15-22 is anniversary week. Join clan twitch games with Nerdrrage. Celebrate and show off Unity. Enjoy drop rates buff!  

Turn off Legendary loot log when it causes issues for you

Open clan page. Click "gear" icon to select filters. Uncheck "items". You should not receive any legendary loot log from any clan member. Turn it back on to review log.

There will be no rule against mass leg id. I ask everyone to be considerate.

Guaranteed Legendary from Malthael

A. 1st kill bonus Legs drop 100% from Malthael for lvl 61+ heros. B. reset quests if all heros have defeated Malthael. (Warning: all Acts/quests must be completed to reset again). Check for incomplete quests at

Table of Crafted Sets vs. Armor Pieces

Hey guys, I made a lookup table of crafted sets vs. armor pieces. hope it helps you choose how to best mix and combine sets. It's available on clan forum:

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