Unity Clan Leaders and Officers,

This page, only availble to you, provides guidance and procedure on running Unity Clans and Unity League Community. The purpose is to keep clans active and competitive independent of leader/officer changes, pursue Unity's stellar reputation, and eventually fullfill our vision:

Represented globally, <Unity> family is highly active, constructively competitive, forever mighty and supportive, boldly staying the course to pursue its goal and objectives, never affected by drama or leadership changes.

This guide contains 4 sections: Lauching a Unity Clan, Unity League Support, Clan Management and Unity League Leader Duties. Note: Texts in preformated boxes are templates for you to use (copy/paste) when interacting with other players.  - solar

Version Control: Created Aug 12, Revised Aug 20

Launching a Unity Clan

Update Clan Information (in-game clan page)

Example: Welcome to Guardiants of Unity, a premier Clan of Unity League - Apply@ We complement each other with power and trust in unity. We strive for goals while having 400% fun. We shall together slay the most difficult enemies and overcome challenges. Join us now and march on to victory!

Or write a new inspiring message for your Unity Clan. Replace with the actual DP address once it's available with recruitment message. 

Update Sticky Posts (copy&paste to in-game clan page)

1). Title: Unity Goal, Values, Ground Rules, Membership Requirements, Roadmap and Unity League Composition (Updated Aug 3)

Message: Available at:

Please help keep our clan fun, helpful and supportive. If an issue must be elevated, contact clan officers.

2). Title: Join Diabloprogress Roster and Unity Wiki Site


Edit your hero profile to include clan info. Join roster of active members.
How to edit?

Sign up, read clan update, provide input, discuss;

3). Title: PTR GR Runs, Speed T6 Rift Contest and Transmog Showcase

Message: Current record: 3:50(4P), 4:02(2P), 3:40(1P)
Post GR and T6 video at

Share your favorite Transmog pictures via Google+

4). Title: Guide: Invite your friends and clan mates to Unity League Community and T6 Uber Carry (open to all) 

Message: 1. Right click player
2. Community - Unity League - Invite to Community
3. Hover away, then return to Invite to Community

5) Reserved for current events and contests

Furnish your clan's diabloprogress page

  • Have at least four players include clan info in their profiles at, to have a dedicated DP page for your Clan. 
  • Email DP, and obtain administrative rights to update Clan Receruitment Page.

Increase number of clan members

  • Sister Unity Clan leader/officers routinely refer recruits to your clan. We try to accomodate all interested and qualified players instead of sending them away.
  • Browse diabloprogress and looking for group forums, and invite good players to clan. 
  • Use general chat, class chat channels, communities to look for good recruits. Use the template below (example), and invite to clan.
Hi, I'd like to invite you to <Unity> Guardians of Unity (GOU), part of Unity League of multiple top tier clans. 
We are constructively competitive, highly active, supportive, and drama free. 
You are welcome to check us out or apply at:

Unity League Support

Unity Websites Open to all Members

Unity League of Clans uses 3 websites to publicize our community, increase clan visibility, share information and organize events. All members are free to use any of these sites. Officers and dedicated members are invited to become content and communication managers for Youtube Channel and Google+ Sites.

Share Cadidate Pool with all Unity Clans

Unity League Community Roles and Functions

UL Community is a family of Unity Clans, Alliance Clans and friends. We respect, help and share with each other. We strive to build a mature, friendly and supportive community for everyone. The core group of UL consists all Unity Clan members. Alliance Clans are fairly competitive and drama-free, sharing open games and partcipating in cross clan events and contests. All Unity Clan membership candidates are also present in UL community. The rest of UL can be individual players and clan-affliated players that have a wide range of experience and talent. High level players may be great for recruitment, low level players are equally important to UL.

Having low level members in UL Community (Goal: 1000+ members) is necessary and help unity clans in the long term. First, when Unity Clan members look for lower T lvl games for their alt heros, when it's hard to find seasonal HC games, UL offers them. Same thing goes for normal bounty runs, key runs. Second, in a new season, players of any plvl can find BiS gear within any time. e.g., a low lvl UL member parties with Unity Clan members and find BiS weap he doesn't need, he would offer it to Unity Clan members in the spirit of giving back to UL. There are many other examples like this. We just need to remember larger UL community playerbase helps Unity Clans and it helps us spread the unity's good culture and values.

Open to all players, UL Community functions primarily to

  • organize for greater rifts and seasons;
  • gain access to pro advice from top elite players;
  • RIF and share open games off all difficulty lvls;
  • maximize number of active players any time;
  • organize league events;
  • socialize across clans.

UL Community Officers

Unity Clan officers are by default UL officers. UL officers are responsible for the following duties:

1. Provide advice and answers to UL members and external players;

2. Make UL chat active and relevant by starting conversations and leading discussions;

3. Coordinate league-wide events organized by clan officers;

4. Invite good clans sharing Unity's values to become Unity Alliance Clans (part of UL community). Use the template below to interact with clan leaders. Easier to copy all and paste in a text file.

Hi there, Thanks for accepting my friend request. I lead Unity League of Clans, comprised of multiple top tier Unity Clans. I want to discuss Unity’s partnership with your clan.
Unity League Community is a family of Unity Clans and friends (currently 480+ members). We respect, help and share with each other. We strive to build a mature, friendly and supportive community for everyone. UL is open to all like-minded players.
UL Community helps all partner clans to maximize # of active players & share open games of all lvls any time, socialize across clans, organize league events, and prepare for seasons. There is no obligation or moderation.
More info is available at, Simple ground rules apply: 1.No flaming or trolling. 2.No excessive swearing. 3.No spamming. We use Wiki site, Youtube channel and Google+ site to share info.
I’d invite your entire clan to join UL community. Your clan will be highlighted in UL Composition-Unity Alliance webpage. Partner Clan members are not eligible for Unity Recruitment.
No request to join is necessary, what you need to do: a. Use a clan page post to direct clan members to join "Unity League" on communities tab; b. Invite your clan members to UL.

5. Bump the following posts to publicize UL Community.

6. Invite quality players to UL, the more the merrier, from public games, other communities and various chat channels. Use the following template and then invite to community.

Hi, I'd like to invite you to Unity League, a family of top tier Unity Clans and friends. We respect, help and share with each other ( 
UL Community is open to all to organize for greater rifts and seasons; RIF and share open games of all levels; organize league events; socialize across clans.

Unity Clan Management

Clan Management should cover at least four aspects below. One or two officers take charge of each aspect. Clan should be always open and searchable in-game, even when it's reached full capacity of 150. All leaders/officers are encouraged to maintain contact via email, preferabbly gmail, and follow Unity Google+ Site.  

Clan Leader is responsible for leading clan mamangement team, coordinating across other Unity Clans, and integrating members and teams. Additionally, Clan Leader provides Clan Weekly Update via Clan and UL chat channels to members, and archive Unity Recruitment Board every 2 weeks. 

Clan Organization

1. Learn about applicants, organize trial runs, approve and introduce new members to clan (See Examples:Introduction of New Unity Members). When clan is full, only remove inactive members to make open spots when new recruits are essentail to have. Refer good recruits that clan can't accomodate to other Unity Clans. Use the following templates.

  • When the player is lvl <300, send the message below, invite him to UL community, and reject request on clan page
Hi Thanks for your interest in unity Clan. Sorry you don't meet our lvl requirement of 300 yet. 
You are welcome to join "Unity League" on communities tab. Thanks again.
  • When the player is lvl >300 and hasn't filled application, send the message below, invite him to UL community, and keep the request to join
Hi Thanks for your interest in Unity Clan. Can you apply at Recruitment 
You are welcome to join "Unity League" on communities tab. Learn more about Unity at  Thanks again.
  • When clan is full, send the message below (example), and refer qualified recruits to other Unity Clans.
Hi, thanks for your patience. Yin and Yang Unity is still full atm.You are welcome to join our sister clan <Unity> Forged of Unity. 
We want you in Unity League. FOU shares the same goal, values, culture and requirements. 
Request to join FOU in-game and friend officer Catz#1429 for next steps.
  • Note: The ideal recuit for any Unity Clan is very active, knowledegable, dedicated to Unity, passionate about D3, teamplayer with great personality. Don't hesitate to say no to players with bad attitude or personality poisonous to clan.

2. Invite all qualified and non-qualified applicants to Unity League community.

  • Step 1. Right click player's battle tag; 2. Community - Unity League - Invite to Community; 3. Hover away, then return to Invite to Community

3. Request all clan members to be listed on diabloprogress clan roster.

4. Remove members due to inactivity or violating membership requirements (rarely). Maintain a large core group of long-term members.

  • Note: Diabloprogress keeps track of player’s most recent logon time. Good candiates for removal are those inactive in clan or UL chat, seldom participate in clan games, rarely log in game.  
  • Keep track of those member removed due to inactivity. Add full battle tag to the List of Removed Members.
  • If any member breaks ground rules or membership requirements for the first time, give a warning and keep the record. The scond time, remove the member from clan.

Organizing Events and Contests

1. Build capacity and mindset for clan members to be knowledgeable and competitive.

2. Organize events regularly using clan/UL pages in game and UL websites (e.g., class training week, Transmog Showcase, etc).

3. Organize contests such as Speed T6 Rift Clear (1-4P), Greater Rift Challenges.

4. Lead interested members to make and share videos of gameplay, transmog, and other events at Unity Youtube Channel: Google+ Site

  • Interested members are invited to serve as content or communication managers (total allowed 50), they should contact to be added.

Team Building

1. Following Unity's Team Strategy, build regular teams based on member’s interest, active time, personality etc.

2. Improve team strategy, perfect teamwork and help members achieve their individual objectives.

3. Make sure clan is ranked high on DP’s edps and plvl ladders as well as D3 leaderboards of 1-4p Greater Rifts.

4. Lead interested members to pursue seasonal conquests and achievements.

Community Outreach

1. Update and maintain Clan Recruitment message on diabloprogress, forum, Diablofans, reddit, and other D3 fansites (e.g., YAYU’s message).  

2. Share clan videos, screenshots, event and contest info on various media including fansites, forums, Google+, twitch, facebook etc, and interact with audience.

3. Publicize Unity Clan and UL in public games and other venues. See Section 2.4.

4. Bump forum posts on Unity Recruitment, UL, and T6 Uber Carry Communities.

Unity League Leader Duties

Unity League Leader is the focal point of Unity Clans and Unity League Community providing overall league leadership, directing cross-clan coordination and collaboration. UL Leader could be any Unity Clan leader or officer that is execeptionally dedicated to UL development and enthusiastic about D3. If you are interested, email

Current UL Leader: solar#1550      Backups:

Specifically, UL Leader is responsible for the following duties:

Unity's Blacklist

For the awareness of all current and future Untiy Leaders and Officers, the following players are not allowed to join any Unity Clans. These former members are either untrustworthy traitors or players that have broken ground rules and burned the bridge.

The purpose of this list is to help encourage a successful community for the long term.