hi looking for an elite and activ clan semi//semi-serious for competitiv gaming and ladderboard pushing.

my ign is: johndoe#1174

im playing seasonal actually only p917 but grinding my xp atm

here an overview of what is play and my stats:


solo dh rank 328th with gr60

3man as gen healer rank428th with gr75

4man as Zbarb rank616 with gr79

that just an overview, haven really pushed yet specially solo (i always end on top50-100 for solo dh ladderboard, actually i have : Zsader/Zbarb/heal monk, with all specs for every rôles as a Zdps either full xp, /different variant for every specs and all well rolled gear also for pushing.

Im an high knowledge, mechanicly skilled gamers in many game but mostly playing D3 atm and trying to meet some elite mate to break that ladderboard in piece and climb to the elite lvl.

how to contact:

-PST in game johndoe#1174

-e-mail at: forkbomb.q@gmail.com

Skyoe: mdionne1990 (PST that you received my skype contact here cause i never accept friend request from ppl idk otherwise)

Best Regard!

Johndoe, the unknown oponent is always the one that must be wary.