Crusader Build I: Holy Glare Gun

Crusader Holy Glare Gun

Build Characteristics* Heaven’s Fury deals massive damage with Fate of Fell and stacked + holy skill dmg.

  •  Shield Glare provides effective crowd control and sufficient wrath generation,  by affecting all surrounding enemies with The Final Witness.
  •  Falling Sword helps player escape certain enemy crowd control effects, incapacitates surrounding enemies.
  •  Full Akkhan set and stacked skill cooldown reduction help maintain active Akarat’s Champion and the availability of Shield Glare and Falling Sword. 

Holy Skill SelectionActive* Punish increases block chance and survivability.

  •  Fires of Heaven deals massive damage with three beams using Fate of Fell. It’s a holy shotgun without relying on CDR.
  •  Zealous Glare blinds all surrounding enemies and quickly increases wrath with The Final Witness.
  •  Laws of Valor increase critical damage for team.
  •  Falling Sword Flurry gets player out of sticky situation and incapacitates surrounding enemies.
  •  Akarat’s Champion Prophet buffs defense and offense and revives player.

Passive* Finery increases strength.

  •  Heavenly Strength is mandatory for Fate of Fell.
  •  Holy Cause increases damage and heals player.
  •  Divine Fortress increases armor.
  •  Wrathful heals player with stacked +life from globes.