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• 4/25/2014

Unity Clan Objectives and Milestones

Dear fellow clan mates,

I care about Unity Clan and everyone of us. I’m committed to making our clan enjoyable, helpful, victorious and inseparable.

Some clans recruit exclusively 500+ lvl “top” players to compete and to avoid “lower quality caused by larger quantity”. I don’t share that philosophy. The real fun and excitement come from finding loot and gearing up. It may take us as a clan longer time to reach summit. But we harvest much more fun together, build friendship and trust along the way. And we are in this journey together, we will get there!  Unity will help your power grow, and your power will make everyone in Unity stronger. I’d love to see elite players being made from our clan and stay with Unity for the long term. Let's share endless fun and countless joyful moments when godly loot appears.

Active and dedicated members mean the world to Unity. I invite you to critique the objectives and associated milestones below. They are what it takes for us to reach Clan’s Goal on a road map. Please leave your comments or suggestions in your reply. Better register or leave your battle tag. Thanks!

Unity's Goal: Create a victorious and inseparable clan that perfects teamwork, achieves individual objectives, and enjoys playing ROS in T6.

Objective A: Teammates trust each other and enjoy playing together, sharing loot as well as helping team.  

Objective B: Clan members have fun with playing the most difficult content (currently T6).

Objective C: Clan is ranked high on DP ladders and upcoming D3 ladder and tiered rifts.


A1: Number of members actively playing reaches 70 during core hours.

A2: Team Captains are confirmed and acknowledged by all clan members.

A3: Teams are formed by mutual selection (each team consists of 4-8 teammates).

A4: The best reputable Captain is promoted to Clan Officer in charge of team building and clan organization.

A5: Ten out of 20 teams can share or trade loot with teammates.

B1: All clan members find value add from being in Unity.

B2: Eighty members have equipped with build-enhancing gear.

B3: Forty members can farm up to T5 efficiently.

B4: Eighty members can farm up to T4 efficiently.

B5: All members can farm up to T3 efficiently.  

B6: Ten out of 20 teams can play T6 efficiently.

C1:  One hundred clan members are listed on diabloprogress clan roster.

C2:  Ten members have reached over 2mil Elemental DPS.

C3:  Eighty members have reached over 1mil Elemental DPS.

C4:  All members have reached Paragon Level 250.

C5:  Unity Clan is ranked top 5 in terms of Elemental DPS (average of top four players).

C6:  Clan is ranked top 10 in terms of Paragon Level (average of top four players).

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• 5/25/2014

Hello all,

I do very much agree with your views of clan being enjoyable and helpful and that gearing up is the most fun and main part of the game. However, this does not go hand in hand with being at the top in terms of DiabloProgress, Paragon levels or ladders. I much rather be in clan full of awesome and interactive people than in clan where everyone is paragon 500 or higher. That's why I believe we should lean more towards having fun and helping clan members to gear up and while doing that the clan will eventually be at the top. Nonetheless, if you want the clan to be at the top everything, I believe you're throwing away the fun part, because not everyone is able to play 6 or more hours a day and not everyone enjoys grinding to be at the top. All milestones seem quite achievable without being the "griding" type clan apart from few, but we might be able to make this work.

I hope you'll make the right choices while leading the clan and I wish you all the best in the future.

Happy Hunting,


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