Best affixes to keep when you enchant a weapon, and which to choose

Hi fellow unity members,

We need to choose which affix to reroll when enchanting a weapon without a socket, so that it can be godly. :)  The candidate affix can be vitality, main stat, or skill buff depending on your build. Which are the affixes that better be kept? Top 3: increased attack speed %, increased damage %, and crit damage. 

Now lets focus on IAS and ID for a 2000+ dps weaspon. Which affix is superior depends on the type of elemental damage increased (e.g., +1200 - 1500 fire damage).

Scenario 1: Black weapon

This type of weapon shows +1200-1500 damage. The entire amount of damage benefits from ID and IAS. When ID > IAS, which is usually the case, ID is a better affix to keep.

Scenario 2: Elemental dmg weapon

This type of weapon shows +1200-1500 elemental damage. Only a fraction of the total damage is physical and benefits from ID. However, the entire amount of damage benefits from IAS. In this case, IAS is superior.


Though black weapon issue has been fixed with loot 2.0 to a certain extend, weapons with only physical damage are still better option as they take advantage of ID and IAS fully. On the other hand, both elemental and black weapons benefit equally from +% elemental damage affixes on armor pieces.